Thursday, December 08, 2005

Rubber Stamping—Stamping Madness

Okay here is a sign that a person has stamping madness: everything they see is considered a possible item to use for stamping.

If my husband reads this he may have me committed. Okay, here I go.

The other day I finished off the last egg from the carton. This carton was Styrofoam. I realized the crunched up bottoms might make an interesting texture if I stamp with them. I saved this.

I finished a cartridge of Mentadent toothpaste last night. The bottom is an oval with two circles side by side inside of it. The cartridge is a hard plastic (I think #5) which my town does not recycle. I was wondering how this might look if I stamped with it. This thing I did throw away.

I saved the foil tops that come inside of powdered drink containers: Carnation Instant Breakfast, Ovaltine, Ghiradelli Hot Cocoa mix and Pacific Chai Tea mix. These are round and have little raised dots. I tried stamping with them and they make an interesting dot pattern. I found that stamping with acrylic paint worked better than rubber stamp ink.

I saved an onion bag the other day.

The possibilities are endless.

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