Thursday, December 29, 2005

My ATC: St. Basil's Cathedral

Here is my ATC titled "St. Basil's Cathedral". I made this in October 2005 as part of a Seven Wonders of the World ATC Swap.

The base is handmade paper (store bought). The image is a Cinderella stamp which I acquired as a child in the 1970s and saved as part of my stamp collection. (Recently I saw the set of these for sale on eBay if you can believe it.)

I looked up information about St. Basil's Cathedral on the internet and copied and pasted it inside of a Word document. I then revised it so I was not plagarizing the orginal text. I changed the font size to be a good size for the ATC and cahnged the font to one that I thought looked good. I printed the text on my computer printer on regular white copy paper. I then did a packing tape transfer of that writing.

I used the corner of an air mail envelope that I had saved from a letter from a Russian Pen Pal that I used to coorespond with. The Pen Pal project was a project for peach from the late 1980s. The intent was for Americans and Russians to make friends with each other in an effort to bridge our nations.

I used brads from the craft store to finish this off.

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