Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Serendipity: Foreign Language Books Found, Free

I have been looking at library sales for books in foreign languages, especially dictionaries, to use while making art. Back when I didn’t want them it seemed I saw them at every library sale.

The other day I was at a public library. In the lobby was a lot of free literature and also there was a box of free books. There were eight in the box.

One was a French/English dictionary. It is an old book with nice paper, a bit of foxing that gives it character. The spine is broken and pages are falling out. I won’t feel at all bad about using some pages to make art.

I also found a book that teaches Italian which is primarily lists of words, which looks very interesting for using for art. Actually this looks so interesting I may want to keep it to use it if my children or I ever want to learn to speak Italian.

Both books smell badly of cigarette smoke. I wonder if that is why the library is not keeping them for their annual book sale?

I took only those two books. I wanted to leave some for others to take.

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