Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Working on My First Art Journal

My Progress:

Sunday: Painted one side of 23 sheets of watercolor paper. This is some cheap brand that I had on hand and paid $3 for the pad of 23 sheets. It seems to be working fine, not pilling, etc.

Monday: Painted other side of 23 sheets of watercolor paper.

a. Selected my favorite 18 pages to use for interior pages and arranged them in an order that is not offensive to the eye (colors not clashing).
b. Folded papers and ironed to make sure they were flat and creased well.
c. Decided to make three signatures of six pages each.
d. Printed out directions from internet about how to make a journal from scratch. Printed the directions I used last May to make 20 small journals as party favors for my son’s Letterboxing Birthday Party. Also printed out the directions on www.teeshamoore.com.
e. Read through both sets of directions and realized I am making a different size than these specify so now I have to use ‘math for daily living’ to figure out sizes for the cover board, paper for cover, end papers, etc.

Wish me luck.

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