Friday, December 23, 2005

Problems with Photo Uploading

When I began this blog my intent was to show photos of my artwork and to talk about it. I continue to have problems uploading images to Blogger. Most of it stems from the image size of my original file being too large for Blogger’s rules. I am also having problems teaching myself to use Photoshop such as trying to figure out how to cut and crop original images to make a new file which is the shape I want it to be (such as the exact size of one ATC) then also how to save the file in a low dpi resolution so that Blogger will let me upload it. Sigh.

I want to spend my time making art and writing not using software programs to manipulate digital photos. I don’t find that fun at all, probably because it is so new to me and I am finding the online Photoshop ‘help’ section very difficult to navigate and understand. Sigh.

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