Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cool Rubber Stamps on eBay by Mars Tokyo/Adorned Surface/Hissyfit

There is a company whose rubber stamps I love. The company is called Mars Tokyo/Adorned Surface/Hissyfit. After corresponding with the owner, I was told they sell exclusively on eBay. You may find them most easily by searching for auctions by the seller name: Sass*box.

The stamps are new and of their own design. They are unmounted sheets. The auctions I saw were 5.5 x 8 inches in size. Each auction I saw had a buy it now price on it of $7.50 and most had starting auction bids set at $6.00.

This is their Angel Policy: "We Allow Hand-Stamped Images To Be Sold For Profit. No Mechanical Reproductions Are Allowed".

Each sheet has a name and a number.

I won two of their auctions. The shipping rates were Priority Mail rates. The shipping was very fast, as if they sent it the same day as the auction closed. They are willing to combine shipping if multiple auctions are won (which for me meant just the base price for Priority Mail).

The ones that I bought were: “Robots Outsider Art #13” and “Boy Toys Clown Outsider Art #39”. Some of the images remind me of antique Sears catalogue etched illustrations.

Check out their unique artsy eclectic stamps!

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