Friday, December 30, 2005

ATC Making Last Night

Last night I made 14 ATCs with a baby theme for the swap that I am hosting which is due tomorrow. I decided to give each participant one ATC from me.

I have about 12 participants in the swap right now. I say 'about' because I keep getting swaps in the mail from people who never told me they were joining. The deadline is tomorrow.

I also made up extra ATC sized cards which state the name of the swap, the date of the swap, and the online chat group that the swap went through. I will give each participant one card.

Today I began gathering extra ephemera for an ephemera swap that I am doing with one person from one of the chat lists.

Today I spent time doing collage work in my journal. I also went through some of my grandmother's papers. Some that I went through today went back to 1943. Looking at the letters, greeting cards and other ephemera is like traveling back through time.

I stopped the art making as we had a family come over for a playdate.

I also discovered today and began entering our books into that online database. You can go view my books under my user name of ChristineMM. I haven't gotten to the art books yet, though.

So that is what I am up to in the last 24 hours.

Happy New Year everyone!

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