Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Discovered Creative Mom Podcast Blog Today



I found a new-to-me great site, blog and podcast: Creative Mom Podcast.

Jessica, who knows me through Swap-bot connected to my blog and then thought I should know about the Creative Mom Podcast as she thought that the two of us had a lot in common. You can read Jessica's blog "Ocean of Creativity" here.

I am thrilled to have found out about this creative mom who podcasts and blogs. Today I listened to Podcast #40. I am psyched that there are 39 podcasts in the archives just waiting to be listened to!

I have added a link to Creative Mom Podcast's blog in my sidebar. Check it out!

I see that Creative Mom is also hosting ATC swaps as well as turning her art into products sold through Cafe Press. Hmmm. Now there is an idea.

I still want to know more about podcasting and how one does it!
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