Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A New Book Published About Art Journaling "1000 Journals Project"

Since I am a member and contributor to the 1001Journals.com website, I received an email announcing a new book they have published.

1001 Journals is a collaborative effort in which regular people like you and me make an art journal and send it around to complete strangers to add journal entries to, before passing it back around.

What they have done is taken scans of SOME pages of these journals and published them into a book!

The title of the new book is 1000 Journals Project and it was based on submissions from the 1000 Journals Project.

You can read more about these projects as well as see scans of the artwork on the two sister sites.

The first website was 1000 Journals.

The second website is 1001 Journals.

Here is the official announcement that I received:
The 1000 Journals Project Book is out!

Over two hundred pages of the best journal entries from around the world, all packed into a hard-bound book that strangely resembles... a journal. There are also some fun stories, and two absolutely crazy stitching pages that you'll just have to see to believe.


Here is the link to my prior blog entry showing scans of some of the pages of the traveling art journal that I contributed to as part of the 1001 Journals project. Note: I don't think that my own pages have appeared in the current book "1000 Journals".

The way the site works is anyone can sign up for a free membership and access to the site. You can then be the owner of a journal and do the work to set up making it an official journal of the site and either having it be open to the public to contribute or to keep it private. Anyway if you participate in a journal they encourage you to upload scans of your own pages to the site.

Update: Using my Amazon Associates commission that I just received I bought this book and can't wait for it to arrive.

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