Monday, March 26, 2007

Library Thing Widget Added To My Sidebar

I just added the Library Thing widget to my sidebar. Take a look.

I also resubscribed to Library Thing and today have been adding in books that I find inspiring regarding my art hobby. Due to a lack of one phrase that applies to all the books that influence me, I am using the tag "alternative art" for the books I own which I want to show up as being relevant to my art hobby. I know the phrase is not that great but whatever.

Now you will see a random selection of ten books that I own which you might find useful or interesting if you are on the same wavelength as I am.

If you click on the book's cover image you will link through to Amazon. If you end up buying that book from Amazon after linking through my blog I'll earn a small commission on the sale. Any purchase you make is confidential, meaning I'll never know who bought what item. Actually the commission applies to anything at all that you buy from Amazon once you link through my blog. The way it works is after you link through and you put items into your shopping cart right then and there then you finalize those sales within 24 hours, then I get the commission. So hey, if you are going to buy anything from books to shoes to health food to shampoo on Amazon and want to throw me the commission, I'll be happy to take it! My blog income is the only income I have at this point and that is pretty low, believe me! Thanks in advance if you do that!

So anyway each time you visit my blog the sidebar will show random books that I own, in an ever-changing display. Enjoy!

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