Monday, March 26, 2007

My ATCs: UTEE Resist Smiling Skull Faces

Here are two ATCs which I used the UTEE resist method on. I learned the technique from this book: Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin.

I basically combined two things here, the use of a handcarved art stamp and the UTEE resist method. You can use the UTEE resist method with any kind of art stamp.

The stamp was hand carved by me in the summer of 2006.

The colors here are from acrylic paint (not ink). The UTEE color is clear and that is how you can see the color that was behind the UTEE.

Although I didn't plan on explaining the whole technique I guess I'd better do it or else this post may be very confusing.

The background was acrylic paint. I then used the clear embossing ink to put the image from my rubber stamp onto the background. I then applied the clear UTEE and heated that with the heat gun. Then when cool, a layer of different color acrylic paint was put on top of the whole card and it cooled. Then scrap paper was put on top of it and a hot iron was put on it and it made the UTEE melt and whatever paint was on top of the UTEE came off onto the scrap paper. So basically the rubber stamped image shows the underneath color while the rest of the card shows the top coat of the acrylic paint. Phew. I hope that made sense!

The design of the stamp was chosen by my six year old son. It was based on the logo for Pirates of the Carribbean although it is not an exact replica and since it is hand made it is not exact, either.

I made these ATCs in January 2007. They have been swapped out already.

By the way I have learned a bunch of new techniques from this book and am having a blast trying out the different techniques. I highly recommend this book!

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