Thursday, March 29, 2007

My ATCs: Various, Swapped Out Already

Here are some scans of some ATCs that I made.

This first one was made with a Bingo game sheet and tourist brochures for attractions in my area.

This pink one was made with watercolor paper and pink and white acrylic paint applied using a sample credit card from junk mail.

The rubber stamp image is from Adorned Surface. I used pigment chalk ink and set it with a heat gun. The edges are also a rubber stamp from an unknown company.

This next one is called "The Fountain". The background is from a Michelin travel guide to Paris and shows a map of this area where this fountain is.

I made a packing tape transfer of the fountain itself. In this case I tried a new roll of packing tape with no brand name which I bought at a dollar store. This roll yielded not-clear packing tape transfers so it was different to work with (I didn't like it).

This ATC was titled "The Cathedral" which is the name of this sculpture. Again the images and map are from the Michelin guide to Paris. The sculpture is by Rodin and it is another packing tape transfer that came out opaque rather than more clear and crisp.

The below ATC was made with watercolor paper and the pink and white acrylic paints applied with a sample of a credit card from junk mail. The paints were a brand that I don't usually use and I won't be using them again (more on that later).

At first I applied the rubber stamped images of the margaritas with pigment dye ink. I colored in the margaritas with Sharpie markers.

I made a mistake on this ATC and was going to trash it. However I saved it to see if I could reuse it in some way. I then learned the UTEE resist technique in the book "Artist Trading Cards Workshop" by Bernie Berlin.

I put the clear embossing ink on the ATC surface where I wanted the image and background to show through. I made sure to not put it where the mistake was. I applied the clear UTEE and melted it with the heat gun and let it cool.

The reason I don't plan to use this brand of acrylic craft paint again is that when the heat gun was applied to it, the color changed in some places. If you look carefully you can see a yellow cast to one of the pink areas. I will stick to the other brand which is also inexpensive which I like better--Folk Art brand

I then proceeded to paint over the entire surface with green acrylic paint and let it cool.

Then when I used the iron on it, the green paint lifted off the places where the clear UTEE was.

I liked how this came out!

The below ATC was made from scraps except for the used postage stamp. I made a simple collage in a spontaneous manner while looking through a little container of scraps left over from other projects. The little cartoon guy is from a book called "Havoc in Heaven" which is said to be a very popular classic children's story from China. This book had fantastic illustrations and was published in the 1970s. I found it at a thrift ship but unfortunately it smelled like mildew so it was not good for a reading copy (the story was also weird possibly due to a poor translation from Chinese to English). So I am using the pages of this book to make artwork with rather than putting the book in the trash. I get headaches when reading books that stink of mold or mildew. (I seal the collages with acrylic gel medium so any mildew or mold spores or scent are locked in.)

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