Monday, March 19, 2007

Making More ATCs

I have been squeezing in time to make ATCs here and there in between other real life stuff.

I wish I could have a solid block of time to just do art for 3, 4, or 5 hours but it is not happening lately.

Even on the recent "snow days" I did other things and had other fun with my kids.

But anyway, I have been making ATCs like crazy lately.

I got creative block on some ATCs that had to have a packing tape transfer on them. I finally broke through that on Saturday and put the finishing touches on yesterday and then they went out in today's mail. I also got on a roll but then had one mistake after another and had to throw a bunch of the transfers away thereby losing the entire concept for that ATC. Since I was using original source materials that means I didn't have another image of the same thing to make a new transfer out of and do the original idea.

I also signed up at the last moment for a swap with ATCs that has a theme of the sea, anything about the sea, the ocean, etc. I started making some of those the other day.

I also got creative block on some ATCs that had to have a used postage stamp on them. I have a bunch half-made that I am stuck on. I was unable to finish those and just had to have new ideas to start new ones from scratch.

I have been too busy to reconfigure the computer files of the scanned ATCs so that is why I have not uploaded my scans lately, sorry!

Although it is not perfect I am enjoying Swap-bot. The latest thing is I have a few people who were members and signed up for swaps then deleted off their profile and don't follow-through with the swaps, which stinks. Nothing is perfect, we are all human, but it is frustrating to make something to give away and to get stiffed by another person. Oh well.

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