Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Polymer Clay ATCs

I am not a big polymer clay person (so far!). I have played around with polymer clay exactly three time in my life, the first being about seven years ago. The last time was last month and I made some ATCs out of polymer clay that day.

Some of them broke in the process of making them or gluing them or were dropped on the floor. So in the end I have two finished products to share with you.

The snowflake ATC was made by rolling polymer clay through a clay machine (pasta machine).

I then used a rubber stamp to make the impression. I then used a template on top (lightly) while I cut off the edges. So while still unbaked I had trimmed this to 2.5 to 3.5 inches in size. I then baked it. That is it!

The second one was a small scrap of polymer clay rolled through the clay machine.

I then used an angel image rubber stamp to make the impression.

After it was baked I could not see the image very much. I used India Ink to smear into the crevices.

I rubbed the top with a paper towel so the ink was not covering everything, it just sayed in the crevices.

I then adhered the clay to a prepared background of a wallpaper sample on top of recycled cardboard using Golden Acrylic Gel Medium Regular Matte.

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