Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My ATCs: Mixed Media Collages

These two ATCs were originally one collage which was made and then sliced into two ATCs. This is called a diptrych.

The background was hand painted by me with acrylic paints onto watercolor paper. Actually the paints were left over from a painting my children were making and I was trying to use them up rather than wash them down the sink. I applied the paints with a junk mail credit card sample.

The figure of the boy, the die image, and the English bobby were from collage papers which were small and sold to use to make ATCs. I found this little pad at a rubber stamping store for just $3.25. The theme was men.

Also in this collage are cancelled postage stamps and snippets from junk mail trying to sell me season tickets to see the New York Yankees.

Lastly there is a fortune from a fortune cookie from Chinese take out food that we had that weekend.

Both of these were swapped out to Swap-bot members for an ATC swap with a theme of "mixed-media collage".

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