Monday, March 12, 2007

Painted 95 ATC Backgrounds

One night last week, after dinner, I decided to paint some backgrounds for ATCs.

This was prompted by a very cold day, with temperatures in the single digits. Our furnace is going full blast and the air in the house is so dry that things are drying in a flash. I figured it was a perfect time to paint some backgrounds. (They ended up drying in less than 15 minutes!)

I finished cutting up some food and product boxes that I’ve saved for making ATCs. Most of them were already pre-cut. I like to quickly cut them up as I get an empty box and then I put the cardboard blanks away for later use.

I put some music on the CD player and went to town painting backgrounds. I used foam brushes, stipple brush, an old shaving brush and also used credit cards to apply the paint.

For the first time I used a crackle medium which I purchased a couple of years ago and never used. It worked great but it really warped the cardboard. I am flattening the finished products under heavy books as I speak.

I took a photo of the 95 backgrounds. As you can see some are in larger sizes. After I snapped the photo I finished cutting them into ATC sizes. It is nice to have a large selection to choose from when I need them.

Actually the ones with the X's and O's started as backgrounds but then I did some stamping onto them with children's toy wooden blocks, so those are finished ATCs.

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