Sunday, December 10, 2006

Copy Left ATC Editions Site

I remember looking at the Copy Left site when I first got involved with ATCs.

Then while reading Lisa Vollrath’s site this weekend I saw a link to the site mentioning a swap. has very good basic instructions for making ATCs for newbies, by the way.

If you go to this page on their site you can see the directions for a Copy Left Editions Swap. The way it works is you send in 20 of your own ATCs and then you will get 15 back in return. They are mailed to an address in Switzerland. There is no mention of who pays return postage so I am confused about that.

I would love to do a swap with them but probably will have to wait until after Christmas when I have more free time to make ATCs.

Also if you go to this page on their site you can view ATCs made by other people.

Click on the names in the right hand column to view the ATCs which that person made.

I found the ones made by children in the Indiana Children’s Correctional Facility very interesting! There are 9 pages of ATCs to view there.

And I loved these ATCs made by BuZ Blurr. See all three pages of them if you wish.

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