Sunday, December 03, 2006

My ATC: Geisha

The background for this ATC was hand painted by me with acrylic (cheap-o brand) craft paints a number of months ago on a day when I painted a giant bunch of backgrounds for ATCs.

The geisha image is from Autumn Moon Paper Company. The owner of the company sent me some complimentary samples of her new collage sheets and asked if I would make some ATCs with them.

I had the idea to make the image into a packing tape transfer so that the beautifully colored background would show through.

I made this back when I was making a lot of ATCs and listening to some older Tori Amos music.

I decided that the lyrics to the song “Girl” applied to the geisha’s life. A geisha doesn’t truly get to be her own person, she is groomed and trained to work as a geisha and she is actually considered to be the property of the geisha house owner.

After putting the packing tape transfer onto the ATC I was not sure if it was complete or not. It looked unfinished to me. I left this sitting for several months and took it out in November. I decided I liked it just as it is and so for now it remains still this way. Sometimes if an image is nice and simple and a message is simple that is enough for me. I don’t always feel the need to overly embellish everything I do just for the sake of using lots of craft materials. Sometimes less is more.

This is an artist trading card, it is an original and no copies have been made. This was not made to resell. Whether or not I have made a copyright infringement by using a line from a copyrighted song is unclear to me, especially since this item is a piece of 'artwork' and is not being sold or mass produced. I have hesitated to send this to Autumn Moon Paper Company because if they used it for publicity for their collage sheets I was afraid they'd get slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit from Tori Amos! So for now I own this ATC, it hasn't gone anywhere yet.

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