Monday, December 04, 2006

Currently Re-Reading: All the Back Issues of Art and Life Zine

The last two nights, before bed I have been re-reading and skimming the first five issues of Teesha Moore’s magazine, Art and Life.

This is great reading before bed as it winds me down. There is nothing stressful in these zines to upset me and to prevent me from falling asleep. I cannot say this for some of the novels I own or some non-fiction books I have here, nor of the newspaper or some of the magazines I subscribe to!

Also I have been in a creative mood again. I find that thinking of collage and actually imagining making collage pieces in my head helps me fall asleep. It is a non-stressful activity to do.

What I like about Art and Life is that it focuses on creativity in general. The attitude overall is that playing around and making art is a fun activity that should be done by everyone. We are encouraged to make art and to enjoy it. This is not a judgemental or critical attitude zine, there is no saying that art should be done this way or that way. They don’t glamorize fads or trends, either. Whatever anyone is doing is fine, the authors of the articles and the editor, Teesha Moore all just encourage us to do any kind of art that we want that makes us happy.

This would make a good gift for someone for Christmas.

I also recommend the wonderful back issues of the zine Play, also published by Teesha Moore, they are still available on her website. Play is in full color and is all scanned images of artist journals. Art and Life is in black and white and is mostly text with a smaller number of images.

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