Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My ATCs: Men and Time

I began this collage in June or July 2006 but finished it in November 2006.

This was a 5 x 7 inch collage which, when finished, was sliced into four ATCs.

The base is a piece of a box of some product or food item.

I then applied a piece of a wallpaper sample to it, using Golden acrylic gel medium as an adhesive.

I then added rubber stamped images of a watch and a decorative square image to the piece.

I then added a top coat of a tinted acrylic glaze over the top. I originally thought this collage was finished but it looked incomplete, more like a nice background image. I put it away for a few months.

Last month I pulled it out and contemplated what to do with it. I added a bunch of cancelled postage stamps from around the world with faces of men on them. This was from a collection from the Kenmore Stamp Company, where you pay $2 for 500 cancelled stamps (however you end up getting stamps sent to you that you then are either tempted to buy or must return to them by a certain date).

I liked the theme of the old fashioned watch, the old fashioned images of the men, and the idea of men and time and men working and sticking to schedules and such.

I still enjoy making a block collage like this and then cutting it into four equal parts when finished and having a bit of a surprise at the end to see how each individual ATC looks by itself. I try not to analyze that while composing the bigger collage.

The original concept for this was inspired by a themed ATC swap with the theme of “clocks” and “time”. However I didn’t finish the ATCs on time so in the end I did not sign up for that swap and did not participate in it. (I like to make the ATCs first then after they are made I sign up for the swap.)

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Malia said...

Hey Christine! I received your
DAIDEST poem and I love the art work on it. How did you like it? My doesn't compare to the two I received. Ya'll have done this before!!! This was my first swap and it was fun. I like that you put your blog on here. Well, I love your site, just wanted to say hi and thanks for the card.


christinemm said...

Hi Malia,
I am glad you enjoyed your postcard. I have never done a postcard swap before, or done a Dadaiast poem before either. I just have been fooling around with artist trading cards and with collage for the last 15 months, that is it.
That was also my first swap for Swap-bot.
It was fun!