Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Made A Dozen ATCs Yesterday

The day after Christmas was designated “making art and having fun and relaxing day” by me, for me.

So I had a leisurely day with only one family medical crisis (my paternal grandmother). That was handled so far, by phone.

The fun part of the day was had working to make more ATCs to finish swaps that I signed up for on

I made six ATCs with a challenge to use a children’s book illustration as the main subject of the ATC. I made six ATCs with a challenge to use a product label as the major part of the ATC.

I have scanned the ATCs and when I can Photoshop them to prep them for uploading to this blog, I’ll do that.

It was fun to work on the ATCs yesterday.

My older son laughed when he entered the kitchen yesterday. What he saw and heard was my music playing on the CD player, a scented candle lit, and the kitchen table filled with ephemera and art supplies. He said that I turned the kitchen into a “haven”. Then both of my kids launched into a discussion about where I could have a studio space. I had said in the past that in my dreams we’d renovate the unfinished attic into a third floor studio space for ME because no room in this house is just for me to have fun and to make my own space for my own pursuits. My kids want that space for a playroom but the thing is they already use what is supposed to be a fourth bedroom for a playroom! And they use their bedrooms and the living room to store toys and to play in also! Enough is enough! I’d love my own well-lit, clean, heated space (so the unfinished dark and spider-y basement is not a place I want to have a spot to make art on, sorry). For now the kitchen is my studio.

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