Sunday, December 03, 2006

My ATCs: Brownie Scouts

Here are five artist trading cards that I made in late November 2006.

The inspiration was a 1951 Brownie Scout handbook which I found at a library book sale. Actually I found two identical books, one was in pristine condition and the other was not in very good shape, each were $1.00. I bought both, I could not resist. I love old books and old images. I bought both so I could keep one (the nice copy) and the other I purchased so I could cut it up and use elements in artwork such as in these ATCs.

I used a base of a recycled food box.

I then adhered a vintage girls dress costume (bought at a thrift shop for 25 cents) as the background. I layered a few layers of it. The adhesive is Golden acrylic gel medium, soft, in gloss. I then cut out pieces from the book.

I then put the gel medium as a sealing top coat.

I liked the simple look to these and felt that no border coloring and no further embellishment was necessary.

One ATC has a packing tape transfer of some of the text in the book, while others are simply the original pieces of text from the handbook.

So here are the five ATCs that I made.

These activities are things that a Brownie Scout was to learn to do as part of her requirements for becoming a Brownie Scout.

I made these just for fun, this was not for a themed swap.

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vintage muse said...

Hi Christine,

I "know" you from ATC World. I love these Brownie cards--now I want to get a Brownie book!

Happy New Year.