Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Finished A Mystery Random Poetry Postcard Swap

I have been working here and there on five postcards for a random poetry postcard swap. Here were the instructions and rules.

Get a mystery novel and go to page 15. Write down the 15th word on the page. Go to the next 15th word and write that down. Repeat until you have 15 words.

Keep the words in that order OR rearrange them into a more pleasing arrangement.

Make art on a postcard and put the words on the postcard.

We could make all originals or we could send high quality photocopies.

Day 1: I went to the library to get some words because I don’t read mystery books so don’t have any on hand.. I used three books to get words from.

Day 2, 3, 4: I worked with all three word groups to make poems as I didn’t like the original order the words were in. I don’t usually write poetry so this was a challenge for me. I found I could only do a little then leave it alone for a while then look at them again with fresh eyes worked the best. My intention was to use all three poems.

Day 5: Rearranged a formerly ‘finished’ poem to something even better. Liked this one the best and decided to use just one poem for all of the postcards.

Day 6: Received one postcard in the mail from another swap on swap-bot which was all falling apart due to poor construction (a bad adhesive method and product). Decided to not make all originals as others are using photocopies so why don’t I?

Day 7: Made one postcard using all junk mail and collage. I printed the words using the computer and added them. Original plan at that point was to make high quality photocopies of this to send to the five swap partners.

Day 8: Received two postcards in the mail with all original art on them. Felt guilty at the idea of sending a photocopy.

Day 9: Made three more originals using recycled food product boxes and junk mail. Sealed them and am letting them dry.

Day 10: Made the last postcard. Let them dry.

Day 11: Wrote down what I wanted to say and the addresses and adhered it to the postcard with Golden Acrylic Gel Medium Soft Gloss. Let them dry. Scanned the postcards.

Day 12: Mailed them off. Noted in Swap-Bot that I mailed the postcards.

I am busy with Christmas prep and typical family life. I hope to add the scans of these postcards here on my blog when I can squeeze in the time to do so.

About the Poem

The words were from “Murder in Three Acts” by Agatha Cristie. The poem reads more like a sexy poem, I think. Here it is.

I didn't give it a title until just now. I'll call it:

The Tease

No attraction in
straight man Oliver.
You play,
his very sleek
Laugh about it.

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