Monday, December 18, 2006

My Postcard: Mystery Poem Postcard # 3

I was also working on an artist trading card swap using only junk mail so I had saved the junk mail that arrived in the last few weeks. The base of this postcard was an invitation to a charity fundraiser. It had a great ecru color to it.

I looked through the junk mail for images of a man and a woman together. I was looking for either an image of a sexy couple or else a woman laughing. Since this poem was a bit sexy I was looking for attractive people. Since the word ‘sleek’ was in the poem I was looking for something to illustrate that word.

This couple was in an advertisement for upcoming live stage performances at the Shubert Threatre. This couple performs contemporary ballet dance shows.

As a coincidence the color of the leotard was a main color in the large brochure for all of the upcoming performances at the Theatre. I cut out some blocks to make a collage with, mostly to cover up the invitation’s writing that was showing.

I wrote the poem on the computer and printed it off on the printer. It was too stark white so I used distressing ink from Ranger to color it, with a stipple brush, before cutting it out and adhering it to the collage.

I didn’t scan the back but it had more text on it. To cover that up I randomly ripped pages from another piece of junk mail which was absent of text and glued that onto the back.

A top coat of Golden acrylic gel medium in soft gloss was added. The scan of the postcard shows little lines and those are just the lines of the clear gloss sealer. I wanted to seal it so that it would be more durable in the mail.

The size is approximately 4x6 inches.

This was for a swap-bot swap. You can read more about the rules and how the poem's words were found in my other blog entry, here.

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