Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Working On An Artist Journal

Just quickly checking in to say that since December 19th I have been drawing in my artist journal (a cheap spiral bound sketch book) daily.

I finished reading “The Creative License” by Danny Gregory, finally. But before I finished I took Gregory’s advice and began practicing drawing a little each day. I have been doing this while in bed at night that is the only time so far that I have been able to squeeze it in, the rest of my time I am distracted to do other tasks.

My children and also (gasp) my husband says my drawings are coming out well. They do chuckle sometimes at the mistakes. I don’t feel badly as Danny Gregory has me all psyched up to not get mad at myself for making errors or bad drawings while practicing.

I am drawing with a roller ball ink pen. So far that is it; there is no embellishment with color on the page in any form.

So far this is fun!

My younger son is interested in learning to draw again and so his sketch journal is out and he made a drawing the other night.

With all the holiday prep going on last week that is all the art I had time to do last week.

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