Monday, December 04, 2006

My Book Review: How To Make A Journal Of Your Life by D. Price

Title: How To Make A Journal Of Your Life
Author D. Price (Daniel Price)
ISBN 10: 1580080936
ISBN 13: 9781580080934
Full retail: $9.95
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Format: Softcover

This small format book is entirely handwritten, and those two things make this book inviting. It reads like a journal. Hand drawings and photographs illustrate the author’s method of illustrating his own journals. This is not just a book about how to journal but we read actual journal pages from the author.

This book speaks to a person who always felt they should write a journal but were afraid to start.

Price gives encouragement along the way such as using the journal for positive thoughts not just for complaining. Journalists don’t have to be professional novelists before they can begin writing about their own life for their own eyes!

The addition of ephemera from the journalists daily lives is encouraged (ticket stubs, random paper clutter from our lives, etc.).

The end of the book features twenty pages of Price’s journals which were formerly published in 1991 to 1991, as a small independent zine called 'Moonlight Chronicles'. Later a book by the same title was published (I have not yet read it but want to!)


Previously I thought the only journaling that was done in our modern day was in fancy blank journal books and I assumed they were filled only with text in beautiful script. Other journals with writing prompts with someone else’s ideas of what we should be writing further discouraged me from beginning a journal.

I found this little book just the encouragement I needed to start writing a journal with whatever I wanted to say in it. It is alright for the journal to be imperfect.

Price journals in black pen. The journals are not highly adorned nor does a person need to take art classes in order to journal in this style.

If you like this book and crave more, I also recommend the similar and highly encouraging books by Danny Gregory. Gregory’s own journal was published as “Everyday Matters”. Gregory’s second book “The Creative License” further encourages non-artists to draw with pen and to keep their own journal to record their own lives.

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